About Inter-Team

About us

  • We are one of the leading distributors of car parts in Poland.
  • Since September 2018, we belong to the Mekonomen Group, the largest distributor of automotive parts and accessories in Scandinavia.
  • We have been active on the market for more than 25 years.
  • Today, our sales network comprises 80 branches all around the country.
  • Our services are targeted at car garages as well as wholesalers and shops selling automotive parts.
  • Our own brands Kraft Automotive (covering parts for European cars)  as well as Sakura (parts for Asian cars) enjoy high confidence among our customers.
  • As the first company among the distributors of cars parts in Poland, in 2014 we launched our own Technical Academy which offers professional technical support for the owners and employees of car garages.
  • Our network of trustworthy garages O.K. Serwis unites independent car garages featuring a high level of customer service.
  • Garages who intend to gain access to numerous benefits resulting from commercial co-operation with Inter-Team but do not yet meet all the requirements for the garages associated in the O.K. Serwis network may become members of Inter Data Service.
  • Our Inter-Team Fleet Management department provides professional support for directors and managers running corporate car fleets.
  • Our modern Central Warehouse is located in central Poland (Natolin near Grodzisk Mazowiecki) and covers an area of 10 570 m2.
  • Inter-Team currently employs ca. 1500 people.

Own brands

For more than 15 years, we have been successfully developing our own brands which enjoy the confidence of our customers. Kraft Automotive (www.kraft-automotive.com) covers assortment of operating parts for European cars, high quality car oils, professional  chemical products for garages as well as operating fluids. Sakura covers parts for vehicles of Asian origin as well as batteries for all types of cars. 

The O.K. Serwis network

We are the organizer of the O.K. Serwis network uniting  independent car garages which are distinguishable by their  high quality of service and professional equipment. In 2014, as the only distributor in Poland, we took up the challenge of taking stock of the network and verifying the applicable standards. Garages that do not yet meet the conditions which make it possible for them to join the O.K. Serwis network function under the sign of Inter-Data Serwis.

The new concept of „the trustworthy garages” is an answer to the expectations of the independent car garage today. The key task of garage employees is to ensure customer satisfaction and in order to reach this target,  it is necessary to care about  customer service,  a high standard of equipment  as well as employees’ competencies.  At present, the  O.K. Serwis network covers almost 200 garages all around Poland. As part of the co-operation, we ensure our network members professional support in terms of marketing, professional trainings and provide access to modern management and promotion tools. More information can be found on www.okserwis.pl 


In 2015, we set up another garage network concept under the name INTER DATA SERVICE. This network allows garages which, for various reasons, cannot join the O.K. Serwis network to derive benefits resulting from commercial co-operation with Inter-Team.

As part of the co-operation, we ensure our network members professional marketing support, we make it possible to participate in specialised trainings and we offer access to technical data for vehicles. In addition, network members may take advantage  of modern management and promotion tools. More information can be found www.interdataservice.pl

The Technical Academy

In 2014, as the first distributor of parts in Poland, we launched our own Inter-Team Technical Academy where experienced trainers conduct professional trainings for car garage employees. A dozen of specialised training programmes allows to understand the functioning of even the most complicated systems in motor vehicles. The trainings of the Inter-Team Technical Academy are a massive dose of practical knowledge, genuinely appreciated by car mechanics. The Academy’s office is located in Warsaw but the perfectly designed technical base allows us to organise the full scope of the training in each location which is convenient to the customer. More information as well as the training schedule can be found on www.akademiatechniczna.inter-team.com.pl

Inter-Team Fleet Management

Access to a wide assortment of high quality spare parts, garage base and longstanding experience allow us to provide professional support for directors and managers responsible for running and servicing corporate car fleets. Our comprehensive offer covers  mechanics, tyres, assistance, claim settlement and a dedicated fleet management programme. More information can be found on www.flota.inter-team.com.pl


HQ (headquarters)
ul. Daniszewska 4
03-230 Warszawa
tel 22 29 02 227
NIP: 524-03-01-927

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Central Warehouse
Natolin, ul. Logistyczna 15
05-825 Grodzisk Mazowiecki
tel.  22 755 97 11
fax  22 734 10 11

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