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Inter-Team is a family company founded by the Szewczyk family in the late 1960's. When it comes to the activity and experience in automotive market it is really impressive. The Family started as a car dealer dealing with NSU, Citroen and Toyota vehicles. After 1974 the Family focused on German cars like Audi and Volkswagen. In order to supply its customers with best quality of services, a company VESTA GmbH was created in Germany which delivered automotive spare parts from German manufacturers to the Polish customers. The political changes in Poland in 1989 enabled free trade with international manufacturers and the German company was no longer needed. Its duties and activities were taken over by newly founded Inter-Team Sp. z o.o. with its headquarters in Warsaw

NOWADAYS Inter-Team:
  • Employs more than 800 well-qualified employees in 38 branches in Poland
  • Distributes products of well known Polish and international manufacturers like: : ATE, Bosch, Castrol, Denso, Gates, NGK, Philips, Sachs, SKF, SWAG
  • 100 000 references in our offer
  • More than 300 garages associated in O.K. Serwis chain
  • 20 000 satisfied customers
  • Certificates and awards granted by manufacturers and distributors

  • Increasing the level of customer service and customer satisfaction
  • developing and broadening of our product offer and logistics
  • Many satisfied and loyal customers

    Since 1998 Inter-Team has created chain of service stations called OK Serwis. This is a way of cooperation between our company and private garages. Our company offers to them very good conditions of cooperations, supplies them with many technical and marketing trainings. Currently we have in our chain more than 250 garages.

  • Possibility to place orders online with access to our stocks
  • Customer friendly software Interkat, InterData oraz TecDoc
  • System of deliveries within 24 hours in the whole country
  • Access to the chain of O.K. Serwis garages
  • Interesting system of assortment trainings
  • Attractive marketing system

  • We organize attractive trainings for employees
  • We have successes in sport competitions
  • We're a sponsor of Kamil Sokołowski's Rallycross Team
  • Series of information and advertising actions popularizing safety on the road.

    ul. Białołęcka 233
    03-253 Warszawa
    Tel. +48 22 506 06 00
    Fax +48 22 741 67 77

    Import Department
    Asian Markets
    Tel. +48 22 506 06 99

    Export Department
    Tel. +48 22 506 06 25
    Tel. +48 22 506 06 26

    Bartosz Szarmach
    Vice Director of Export Sales for Western Europe
    tel.: + 48 22 506 06 26
    GSM: + 48 664 068 471

    Oles Yakymiv
    Vice Director of Export Sales
    tel.: +48 22 506 06 25
    mobile: +48 608 610 054
    skype: olesinter-team

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